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Kult Objekt – Vernissage

Kult Objekt – Vernissage


Die vernissage wird am 21. November stattfinden, wie immer von 14.00 bis 18.00 uhr.

ART333, (Au – Zürich)

I have taken an item, it may be any one, there are no limits. For this work, I have chosen some parts from an old map of Europe. I took those, which put me in scene to graphically represent a cultural object.
The individual, the designer, the observer, the consumer, decides what he wants to believe in … It’s a way to demystify an object.

Note: No KULTOBJEKT is similar to each other in this collection, each painting is unique. Material: Pieces from an old European map, surrounded by a Swedish, recycled frame and the handmade stamp: KULTOBJEKT


1.- take an item. 2.- attach the item to a frame. 3.- stamp KULTOBJEKT. 4.- This is a simple way to transform any selected item into a KULTOBJEKT. In english, CULT OBJECT

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