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Teresa Batlle

Teresa Batlle

Teresa Batlle, oniric and poetic paints.

The artist Teresa Batlle is inspired by dreams, daydreams, images arising from the imagination in which symbols are handled very much in my own way. They are identified as: fish and especially water, nature and animals. Also interior quests, identifying beauty with the subtleties of life, the pleasure of colors, using structured geometries at the level of my soul. It is supported or inspired by the surrealist style and maintains an intention that is sometimes childish and innocent and another very conscious, deeply rooted by the balance of this and other worlds invisible to other realities. Hopes and anxieties that poetry gives us, to shine in the dark as we do with the sun. Teresa Batlle said: Someone told me that my paintings are magical, I keep that and I feel great gratitude. There is no greater satisfaction than the inner expression that flows in me has an impact as wonderful as magic.




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