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My vision reveals a deformed world, strangled, tortured and raped happily. As a contemporary citizen of this time, it’s my turn and I’m expressing some of my feelings. Also, by the way, the honorable duty to look critically at everything that is happening around me.

Visual part.
It has been relatively easy. Taking images of the odd map and recreate a set of effects to generate all this depressed and deformed operetta spaces into a collective hysteria. The poor definition and sharpness in the images as a result from our partial blindness. A high definition would not have matched my vision, nor the purity with which you absorb this reality.
Move all this graphic parts into an exhibition space and layout of the work indicated (photo 1 and photo 2). Parts near the ground, ready to be «almost» trampled … Trying to look at the viewer, any other position would be impossible, to deploy a set of movements, a stunted dance betray our absolute inability to declare an open war of light, all what happens today: The constant handling of all grotesque, mocking and creaky irrationality, dishonest wealth, and so on.

Action / Reaction /. …
Watching the parts from a distance, approaching, bending over and wonder how to distinguish the position in space. Or not questioning anything. That’s another option. But such an arrangement and visual aesthetic itself: atrophied and blurred, they still go unnoticed and contrast with the other picture that constitute the exhibition …

Look, cherish, hope.
To conclude this project, it was necessary to find a space within space and have one last piece there. A colorful world map as claim and invitation for all those spectators and citizens who want to visit the exhibition can do so accompanied by children. The arrangement of this unique piece, unlike the others, gets a new height, but still far away from the view that an adult can shape. The height corresponds to the visual approach of an infant, according to the height of their smiles. Trying to capture and project space, that innocence and hope that only the eyes of children are able to give us, in a free and honest way. The piece, a colorful and radiant one of our world map, also somehow unusual in its pictorial composition, shines elsewhere and serves as a catalyst to make sure that the other 12 pieces fit into the exposure of a sense.
After the exposure, it can be determined by any interested school or community centre, where to rest this part (gift from the artist).


September 2011


Conceptual, Graphics