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Imagine, consider or devise. Reflect carefully consider something to form an opinion. Trying to make profit or to do something. Think. A cosmogony exposed to the eyes of the beholder. This is the implementation of intuitive processes developed under a fundamental premise: The improvisation and of not thinking. Although this is something that is rarely achieved and to think I’m still a fundamental feature of the human race. Although sometimes not carried out too.

A few pictures from the series made to conform PIENSA. I could draw some of the textures and colors obtained in previous work processes that opened the door to new ideas: Move the result of painting and philosophy of this series to the digital plane. The result has been 14 pieces, where I tried to link different techniques to recreate some paradises, or artifcial stadiums with logical structures. I have tried to incorporate some maps and deform until they almost be incomprehensible, inedible. Deforming a document that is no longer able to guide us, nor torment. Here our own guidance, it is our intuition. Think. Piensa. Reflect on this realm of irrationality. I have limited the reproduction of each piece / references to 10 units. Each piece is worked independently using some colors and glazes that make each one of them is different. There is some difference between colors as seen in photography and the natural result of the work.

dil toro, Zürich 2009


2009 - 2010

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Abstract, Conceptual, Graphics, Paints